The Pilates Brunch

Sunday 17 November 2019

Wade Edwell and the PP team will present two workshops at this year’s Pilates Brunch event, Simple Shapes and Joe’s Barrels. For details and to book please see The Pilates Brunch


The 2019 PP Wrap Up


Saturday 30 November

Come and join us for a day of sweat, laughs, and exceptional training across 2 great PP workshops. Each 3-hour workshop will include a seminar and a workout, and you can choose to take just one session or both. The overall theme for our event this year is FOCUS- in ourselves and in our teaching. Join us as we say farewell to 2019 and welcome in a great summer.

One Workshop $250

Two Workshops $400

To make a booking please contact the studio. Workshop purchases are non-refundable or transferable

Workshop #1: Eyes on the Prize

Saturday 30 Nov at 9am… Fighters, Gymnasts, Dancers… all share a commonality in using their eyes to focus their mind, power and alignment into reaching their goal. In this workshop we will look into how using and cuing sight lines and focus can bring about dramatic shifts in coordination of Contrology exercises, positive changes in alignment, connection to apparatus and space, as well as making us more determined movers.

Workshop #2: Get to the Point

Saturday 30 Nov at 1pm… How do you know what the most important cue you can give someone is? When you observe a body in motion that’s throwing up seemingly numerous problems, where do you start and how do you make matters simple so as not to overwhelm your client. In Get to the Point we will consider a simple framework for approaching our clients as individuals, enabling us to balance our responsiblites in improving their physical condition while also staying true to the work of Joe Pilates.


Karen Frischmann at PP

23 & 24 May 2020

For Information please see this booklet

To Book online please visit the Enrollments page of our Mindbody site