Immerse yourself in your new Pilates practice with our starter package

$200 Intro Package

  • 6 x Half hour Private lessons

  • Must be used within 2 weeks from the date of your first visit

  • Must be completed before progressing on to group training

  • Designed to kick start your Pilates journey and get you started with coming into the studio 3 times per week


Once you’re done with your Introductory Lessons you’re ready to go! Proper Pilates offers a simple product that covers you for UNLIMITED sessions each month that can be taken in studio and online.

$400 Per calendar month

  • UNLIMITED studio visits, meaning you can train multiple times each week

  • A cost average of $92 a week for as many sessions as you like

  • Maximum of 6 clients to 1 trainer at a time in every session- means every visit is like working with a personal trainer

  • If you really make use of it, you won't find better priced, true studio Pilates

  • Helps you train consistently and regularly which is what brings about REAL change

  • Enables you to also join classes online, so you can continue your training when you can’t make it into the studio

  • We offer 35 session times across 7 days of the week so you can make multiple workouts fit into your schedule

  • As we run an open studio platform you don’t have to attend each session for a full hour- if you’re time short even booking in for a quick workout will leave you feeling great


$110 7 Day UNLIMITED Pass

  • For when you can’t make use of a whole calendar month pass, eg months where you are on holiday or away for work

$44 Single Visit Pass

  • For clients who want to take classes in combination with regular Private Lessons

  • Great for people who can’t make it to the studio a number of times each week but want to develop a strong, supervised program they can also work through at home

  • Single Visit pass users will be required to undertake a 55 Minute Private Lesson (minimum) every 8 weeks.

    • The studio will determine requirements based on each individual client

    • More regular, consistent Private tuition may be required above the minimum


We also offer Private Lessons either In-Studio or Online. To book either an In-Studio or Internet Lesson click on the appropriate button below to make a purchase and schedule the session. Internet lessons are available for 55mins only.

30 Minute Private Lessons are available for regular clients of our group training system to use for skills progression, injury management, and to establish programming changes where necessary, such as during pregnancy. These lessons are not available to clients not training under our group system.