Immerse yourself in your new Pilates practice with our starter package

  • 6 x Half hour Private lessons
  • Must be used within 2 weeks from the date of your first visit, no extensions granted
  • Must be completed before progressing on to Open Haus sessions
  • Designed to get you started with coming into the studio 3 x per week

Open haus packages

Joe Pilates wanted you to visit his studio at least 3 times per week, and that's what our Open Haus system gets you doing.  For an experience just like the original studio in New York, and indeed a Classical Pilates experience not available elsewhere in Australia, these packages combine a Private Lesson with small group workouts to develop a progressive, self driven practice.  After completing your Introductory Package, click through (below) to purchase and schedule your sessions.  Our Open Haus packages begin on the 1st day of each calendar month and expire on the last day of said month, ensuring you train on average three times per week.  When a regular Open Haus client is going away, we happily pro rata down a package for the weeks in the month they will be able to attend sessions.


The joe

$495 per month

  • 1 x 55 minute  -OR-  2 x 30 minute Private Lessons
  • 15 x 55 minute Open Haus Workouts
  • The most immersive Pilates experience, getting you to the studio for an average of 4 visits per week!


the clara

$420 per month

  • 1 x 55 minute  -OR-  2 x 30 minute Private Lessons
  • 11 x 55 minute Open Haus Workouts
  • Perfect for clients once they reach a general level of ability, want continued private support but plenty of opportunity to get stuck into their own training
  • Gets you averaging 3 visits per week

PRIVATE lessons

You can also choose to continue with ongoing private lessons if you feel they best suit you.  These can also be used in addition to Open Haus Packages if you'd like to boost your Private tuition. 10 Packs of Private Lessons expire strictly in 12 weeks.  Click on a button to make a purchase and schedule online.


Visiting certified Pilates teachers may be allowed to purchase single visits to Open Haus sessions however you must first have taken a Private Lesson and been approved by a staff member.  Purchase and schedule a 55 min Private Lesson online (link above), then once approved, click on the button below to purchase and schedule a visit.

Health Insurance Rebates

Certain health insurance providers give some level of reimbursement to clients for Allied Health purchases.  It's important that if this is necessary for you to ensure your ongoing commitment to Pilates that you speak directly with your provider to ascertain your coverage benefits.  From 2019 Federal regulatory changes will mean rebates for a number of allied health practices, including Pilates, will no longer be legal issue through private health insurers.  So ultimately it is best to establish a practice with a studio you see yourself working well in, and being able to afford to continue practice with.

Generally speaking most providers now only cover Clinical Pilates- which is exercise taken at a Physiotherapy (or similar) practice.  Proper Pilates certainly believes in effective Clinical training, however it should result in specific and positive outcomes over shorter periods, beyond which clients should be moved on to professionals who are experienced in progressive Pilates training.

It is important to note that Clinical providers are exceptional in the provision of clinical care in instances of acute pain or specific and chronic decondition, however in most cases their Pilates training has been undertaken in a matter of days- often only over a weekend.  It is important to note this to cross-shoppers as exercises taught in these environments often have little or nothing to do with Pilates (rather they are just exercises on Pilates-style equipment), which requires practitioners to master their craft through an extensive certification process (including rigorous, and selective, audition and assessment criteria), and then subsequent years of ongoing personal training with a Master Teacher.  Pilates in a Clinical environment shares little as a modality with our, proper, Pilates, much the same as it would with Yoga, Gymnastics, or Boxing.  Therefore if you are looking for progressive, integrated and ultimately athletic Pilates training a traditional Pilates practice will best suit your needs.

If comparing it should be noted that Clinical financial benefits usually only last for a short period as reimbursement options run out quickly, and subsequent ongoing costs tend to run higher than at general Pilates studios- meaning that across a year you will likely end up paying a lot more for a comparable service.

A further important note is that Proper Pilates does often refer our clients onwards to local Clinical providers when special treatment is required as we deem the relationship mutually beneficial.  In return we are often forwarded on clients who are ready for general athletic practice.  We always suggest shopping around for insurance policies if Pilates becomes your main health expenditure, as you could potentially find a more suitable coverage that does offer more accomodating benefits.  Providers continually change their policy benefits, so it's important that you stay on top of your policy's terms and conditions. 

Terms and conditions

  • No refunds or exchanges are available on any purchase
  • Unused credits from packages are not available for refund or exchanges
  • Open Haus packages begin on the 1st day of each calendar month and expire strictly on the last day of the same month
  • 10 Visit Private Lesson packages expire strictly 12 weeks from the date of the first session used
  • Proper Pilates reserves the right to refuse service to persons who we feel do not fit with our positive culture and who we also feel we won't be a good service fit for
  • Proper Pilates requires notices of cancellation for Private Sessions to be made no less than 24 hours prior to the start time of the associated appointment.  Failure to do so will result in full charge of the session
  • Open Haus bookings must be cancelled no less than 6 hours prior to the start time of the associated appointment.  Failure to do so will result in full charge of the session
  • If it is deemed a client is not yet ready to undertake their own personal practice, or for some reason exhibits issues that will impede them safely training themselves, the studio will not allow said client to undertake Open Haus workouts
  • Refunds and Exchanges are not available on any credits
  • Sessions and/or packages must be paid in advance in order to secure bookings
  • Scheduling of Open Haus sessions is made available through our online booking system.  Clients must arrange these appointments personally via our online Mindbody scheduling system or Mindbody App
  • Proper Pilates reserves the right to alter our schedule and make session cancellations as required
  • If the studio cancels bookings and a suitable alternative can not be found the credit will be rolled over for use within 1 calendar month of the date cancelled
  • All expiry dates for packages are strictly adhered to
  • No holds or extensions are available on Open Haus or Private Lesson packages
  • It is the clients responsibility to ensure they arrive on time, and ready to train, as missed time will not be credited