How Proper pilates works 

At PP we schedule and price our system in a way which helps you to make Pilates a regular part of your week, so that you can build great movement practice into your body, which is essential if you're really wanting to experience lasting change.

The original Pilates studio worked somewhat like the ultimate gym.  You would begin with more personalised instruction and gradually start to take on more responsibility for your training.  Teachers would be available to assist you in your practice and give you physical help in stretches and spots for stronger exercises.  Proper Pilates' studio runs very similarly.  We work to a system that offers you continued personal training, plus offers monitored workouts so you can train yourself under supervision, enabling you to develop a strong and personalised practice.

To Begin

Step One: Get in touch with us and then we'll chat on the phone or via email, make sure we seem like the right fit for you, and if so, we'll setup bookings for Step 2

Step Two: You'll complete 6 introductory, half-hour appointments within two weeks.  This establishes consistent practice, the beginnings of Pilates fitness, and helps you feel safe and ready to navigate usage of the studio in a more independent way moving forward

Then ...

You’ll move into our Open Haus program…

What is Open haus?

Open Haus is a true reflection of Joe’s New York Studio

Open Haus brings groups of clients together to workout under supervision, but in a self-directed practice, as was experienced in the original Pilates studio.  These sessions are capped at six clients and a teacher is present to assist, push, pull, correct and help you deepen your training. 

Open Haus sessions are not classes in the common sense.  In these workouts every client is navigating their own regime based on their own program, designed to meet their needs, and that is continually sculpted and reviewed so you are building your own personal practice.  Open Haus enables members to refine, stay safe and correct under supervision, and meet the needs of their body and mind each time they enter the studio.

Worried you won't be able to make it in for many visits or might need further one on one attention?  We typically have nearly 40 sessions running each week and clients are welcome to book additional 30 minute and 55 minute private sessions each month to work on their individualised program.