In the beginning...

All clients begin their journey at Proper Pilates with one on one instruction.  This enables us to properly assess the needs of the individual as well as instruct you in how to safely and effectively navigate the studio, equipment, and your personal program if you intend to move into Open Haus classes.


Private lessons

The study of Pilates should be individual, and there is no better way to achieve results that through one on one tuition.  We encourage our clients to maintain regular private lessons, or at the very least check in regularly with one on one appointments to ensure you are getting the best from your Pilates training.


Open haus classes

True to the original practice of Contrology at the studio operated by Joseph Pilates, Proper Pilates offers small group sessions where clients are able to come in and personally work through a program tailored to their individual needs while under supervision of our staff.  Sessions are no larger than 4 people.  It is expected that clients first have an understanding of how to safely navigate the studio and equipment to ensure they can successfully complete their program independently.

Duo lessons

We also offer Duo training at Proper Pilates, however we require each member of the duo to first undertake 5 individual private appointments so we can assess the needs of each client.

Our approach

It must be understood that to be successful in mastery of any new practice you must show commitment and consistency.  What it takes to experience results with Pilates differs from client to client.  We will always recommend a path that is right for the individual.  We would suggest that if you want to experience change that you commit to at least 2 visits per week to the studio- or better yet start off with more and if needed drop down once you feel you are in command of your practice.  Think about it like this- you can’t learn to speak fluent French with one lesson a week.  Immersion is key to success.  

Further, it is our belief that as teachers it is our responsibility to make our clients independent and self-reliant.  This ensures that you can practice Pilates continually, whether at the studio, away or at home.  We want Pilates to become a part of your life, not just something you drop into once a week.  Joseph Pilates recommended four training sessions per week.  As you become more capable and experienced you will find you are able to safely and proficiently train away from the studio, and utilise your time with us to correct technique, delve deeper into the method, and be motivated to progress further.