The Proper Pilates difference...

Joe Pilates didn't do classes, he did individuals.  So do we.  

While it can certainly be acknowledged that classes can be fun and inspiring, at their heart they are a model that has evolved from the commercialisation and dilution of the true system.  Of course it is always preferred that people are exercising over not, but what classes can never accurately achieve is the individualisation of the method needed to really meet the needs of each person.  

  • Ever been to a class with an injured client next to you who holds the group back, or ever been to a class and been bored?

  • Are you going to a class because it's a cheap option but know that you really aren't dealing with the specific concerns or needs of your own body?

  • Been to a class and injured yourself because you weren't getting enough support?

  • Have you been going to classes but still can't remember basic exercises?

  • Going to classes but still can't find the motivation to train yourself when you're away or your studio is closed?

These are just some of the issues with the class driven model, and are the reason that Pilates himself didn't believe in them and why we don't either.  Think of it like this- if you have an illness, would you go to see your Doctor with a group of other people who all have different issues themselves? Alternatively, if you always had a driving teacher with you in the car, would you ever really learn how to master it by yourself... Proper Pilates supports you in becoming a learner, and an independent mover, so you really do leave the studio with good practice in your body.  The best athletes all share these fundamental practices, they are motivated to learn and always inspired to train.  They master their craft, they don't just do it.

  • Pilates was never meant to be taught in groups or to music

  • Pilates is so much more than the Mat and Reformer

  • Pilates is a totally integrated training system- building Stretch, Strength and over time Cardiovascular health

  • Pilates is not truly Pilates if it is not applied to you individually, meeting your personal needs

At the core of Joe's system is the notion that Pilates is corrective exercise

This means that the client must experience both a realigning of the body towards optimal positioning, and must also experience a workout.  You are not experiencing Pilates if one of these elements is missing.  Further to this, the practice of the method in the original Pilates studio was individual- there were no classes on the one piece of equipment, there were only individual workouts, targeted to the individual body.  You were meant to learn the method, not just follow along with a group.  This meant that over time you developed your own practice, could masterfully train in and out of the studio, and built exercise regularly into your life, for good.

At Proper Pilates we believe that you are really only experiencing Authentic Pilates if you are learning how the exercises and apparatus should improve your personal condition.  It is not possible to achieve this in large groups, or in sessions where you are not receiving consistent personal instruction.  Our guiding mission is to make our clients move.  It is also our aim to build independence through self-directed practice, so that the value of the exercise experience and lessons learnt are taken home and remembered in the body and mind.

There is only one way to develop into a Pilates practitioner, and that is through training, practice, and mentorship.

Lastly, it is a reprehensible fitness industry standard now that teachers can become qualified in 'Pilates' in only 2 days. Largely in part to a landmark court case that settled in 2001, the verdict of which deemed the Pilates name generic; Pilates today is allowed to be called ‘Pilates’, but nearly all on offer has nearly nothing to do with the true, authentic method of Joseph Pilates. Following on from qualifying, instructors need not undergo further training or even mentored practice.  This is not Pilates and this is certainly not how Pilates should be delivered.  Trusting to a Pilates teacher with this limited background is akin to trusting to a heart surgeon who has only done 2 days of medical training.

Our trainers are industry leaders because we undertake both self directed and internationally mentored training and practice, consistently, and are dedicated to the perfection of the original method in both our bodies and our teaching.

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