When you can’t make it into the studio…

At PP you are able to join our Proper Pilates Classes (PPC) and Private sessions virtually. It’s incredibly simple, and is an excellent way of ensuring you maintain a practice with PP when you’re unable to visit us due to distance, work or holiday travel. We frequently have clients attending lessons online from around Australia and as far away as the Middle East.

When you join online we see you at the studio on our large monitor positioned in the center of our room. You’ll be a feature of the class just like everyone else in the room. You’ll be able to see and hear us as we have a high-definition camera and microphone to capture what’s going on in the studio. We’ll be using this to see and hear what you’re doing, and provide teaching support back to you just as we would if you were right there with us in the studio. If other clients are also joining the class online you’ll be able to see and chat with them too. All our clients learn a Mat routine as a component of their program so that when needed they can do this from outside the studio, and we can work with you online.

To join a session follow these easy steps:

  • Book into the PPC or Private lesson time you are after through our Mindbody scheduling system

  • Ensure you’re using a device with a camera and microphone such as your smart phone, tablet or laptop

  • If it’s your first time using Zoom, download the App for your phone or tablet, or the software package for your laptop. You will only need to do this once, and you can speak with us about setting it up

  • When it’s time for the lesson:

    • click here or click on the link provided in your appointment reminder email to join a PPC or,

    • To join an online Private Lesson with Wade Edwell click here

    • To join an online Private Lesson with Trevor Buckingham click here

  • You’ll immediately link up to our online video-chat portal and join the session straight away. If we’re not there when you arrive, wait a moment, we just have to login too!

Here’s some Tips on setting up for Online Training and our Terms of Service


"From my very first online session I could tell how much I would benefit. The Proper Pilates studio in Kyneton has a very unique energy when you attend classes there. Sincere care, fun, energising, friendly and cueing that constantly deepens the experience of the authentic work of Pilates, whether the cue is given directly to you or you hear it given to someone else in the room. Living 2hrs away from the Proper Pilates studio the online sessions have allowed me to maintain regular practice and importantly, I get to feel like I am actually at the studio and plugged into the vibrancy of the Proper Pilates classes...I just love them!" -Gemma, BP Pilates

“Proper Pilates online classes means that my extensive interstate travel schedule no longer gets in the way of my practice. I may be on the other side of the country, but I continue to workout 'virtually' in the studio and directly under the ever vigilant eyes of Wade, Trevor and Rachael. The individual attention to my program and body is maintained and developed. Most importantly for me, as I steadily improve my skill base, I no longer feel that my travel negatively impacts my progress. When I make it back to the studio in person, I'm ready to go.” -Sharon, PP Client