Tips and Conditions for Online Training

  • To ensure you have access for the full session, PP recommends downloading the necessary software and trialing the link prior to your appointment or class

  • Make sure you position your camera to cover a side or angular view of whatever apparatus you’re working on. This gives us the best view of your practice

  • Ensure you don’t have too much background noise, as well as test your microphone and camera prior to your scheduled appointment

  • Make sure you’ve contacted us before the session if you need us to email you a copy of the program you train with at the studio

  • Join classes online even if you don’t have any apparatus- you can perform your Mat exercises anywhere so long as you have some padding available under your back. A towel on your hotel room floor is absolutely sufficient!

  • If you’re heading away speak with us at the studio about first borrowing some pieces of small apparatus that you can take with you such as Magic circles, bands and toe-correctors

  • When booking a Private Lesson online search for Internet Appointment availability on our scheduling system as we have times available that are outside of our regular studio hours

  • To calculate time differences when you’re booking appointments from another time zone, see this website for assistance

In the event of Internet outages:

  • If your internet drops out during a Private Lesson the studio is not liable to offer you a refund or make up appointment

  • If our internet drops out during a lesson for under 30 mins we’ll provide you with a complimentary half hour Private appointment credit

  • If the drop out lasts for over 30 mins we’ll provide you with a complimentary 55 min Private appointment credit

  • Online Private Lessons and Proper Pilates Classes are governed by our Cancellation Policy. Cancellations must be made online through our booking system. See our T&C page for more information

  • You are responsible for ensuring that you do not miss sessions mistakenly by not accounting for time differences when taking the lesson in another time zone. Our Cancellation policy applies in these circumstances