The Proper Pilates Mentorship Program

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The PPMP is an 18 month long program designed to journey the individual into Contrology, as it is delivered at Proper Pilates, and in relation to their body and personal industry. The course requires the participant to undertake an intensive period of workshops, self-mastery, and observation, and is open to both teachers and enthusiasts.

This course of practice and study has come about as a way for us to successfully pass on the depth of practice as it is delivered in our studio, thus enabling other practitioners to better apply Contrology to their clients, and most importantly themselves. It is Proper Pilates’ goal to develop stronger teachers and practitioners. As such this is a highly rigorous program consisting of study and training across 10 modules, a (bare) minimum of 300 hours practice and observation, business coaching, studio visits, and progress check in meetings. Please know that successful applicants are those who have most likely been training with Proper Pilates and have an understanding of our work and an affinity for it also. If you are considering this program and are not yet training with us, it is recommended that you begin to do so to prepare yourself for this process.

Please see the link below for information on our next course intake, beginning July 2020 and completing December 2021…

Current students

Karen Waugh-Raphael

Classical Pilates Noosa Karen discovered Pilates while living in Melbourne. Upon moving to country Victoria, she began training to be a teacher through Breathe Education. At the same time she found Proper Pilates, became a client, and eventually apprenticed into becoming a member of staff. Karen also had the special pleasure of training with Vintage Pilates, home of Jay Grimes, as well as attending their international workshops in Dubai and Los Angeles. After working with Proper Pilates for 4 years she shifted north, and has now opened the first Classical Pilates studio on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in Noosa.

Sarah Forssman

Aura Pilates Sarah was led to Pilates for its rehabilitative benefits after injury 19 years ago. Falling in love with Pilates back then, she has practiced regularly ever since. Over the years she has worked in a variety of Pilates settings, including physiotherapy practices and Pilates studios and continues to enjoy working with all types of clients. Sarah started teaching Pilates in 2012, completing her Pilates certification and Diploma of Clinical Pilates (Breathe Education). Since then, Sarah has continued her learning of Pilates and has been an active member of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA). In 2017 Sarah became a studio owner and now runs her own business from her home in Highton, Geelong. In June 2018 Sarah commenced her personal practice at Proper Pilates in preparation for an intensive weekend of workshops with Proper Pilates. Sarah was completely taken with the transformative effects of Contrology and the effects it instantly had on her body and well being. Sarah has since committed to traveling and training at Proper Pilates whilst running her own studio. She is continually seeing the benefits of a strong, regular practice in her own body and adores sharing that journey and experience with her clients.

Gemma Duff

Bellarine Peninsula Pilates Gemma began teaching Pilates 17 years ago in Melbourne and holds several qualifications through different training providers, her most recent being comprehensively certified through Body Arts Science International (BASI). Beginning her Pilates journey in 2003, she immediately fell in love with the method when she was able to quickly and successfully rehabilitate her body after an unexpected C-section delivery when her first baby was born. In 2010 Gemma and her family relocated to the beautiful Bellarine, where she has had the opportunity to teach in several different locations around the Peninsula including within several Osteopathic clinics. In 2013 she opened her own studio in Drysdale village which she still runs today. Gemma has always felt a responsibility to honour the history and traditional work of Joe and Clara Pilates. After attending a workshop run by Wade and Trevor in early 2018, she could immediately feel the difference in the work they presented in her own body. She recognised that the physical effect of each movement was nuanced by specific language Wade and Trevor used and the deep understanding of the Pilates method they each had, which they had learned directly from Jay Grimes. Gemma feels very lucky to be participating in the mentorship and excited to share the depth and richness of this work in her own community.

Rachael Meldrum

Proper Pilates Rachael began Pilates in 2008 as a means to addressing a chronic injury developed from a lifetime of dance training. She was hooked when after a short time, the pain decreased and she was stronger, and more centered. The same year she completed her certificate 1V in Pilates Instruction through National Pilates Training, whilst working full time in Human Resources. The steep but exciting learning curve led her to leave her job to teach Pilates upon completion of her certificate. Having worked for a variety of contemporary studios as a Pilates Instructor, Rachael feels she is now 'home' at Proper Pilates and has developed a love for the Classical system. She met Wade and Trevor in 2015 and was instantly drawn to their dynamism. She started working for them soon after, whilst knee deep raising three boys under five years old and during her last pregnancy. After a break, and now with four sons, she is excited to be back teaching in the studio and undertaking a Mentorship with Proper Pilates commencing July 2019. Rachael loves the ever present challenge and many layers of Contrology, that lead her to the conclusion that she is really just beginning her practice. She is inspired by Wade and Trevor's vast knowledge and expertise, and their constant striving to deliver Classical Pilates in its truest form, which flows through to the remarkable dedication and commitment of the clients at Proper Pilates.

Sharon Groombridge

Proper Pilates A long search for a corrective form of exercise led Sharon to the doors of Proper Pilates back in 2016. The Classical Pilates system works in perfect harmony with Sharon’s approach to slow aging. Individualised and restorative movement that is full of challenge, subtlety and fun. A commitment to lifelong learning means that Sharon will be undertaking her mentorship purely as a student and not a teacher, an approach more aligned with the original method of transferring Pilates knowledge. Sharon has already accumulated in excess of 300 hours of practice through Proper Pilates and will spend the next eighteen months dedicated to deepening her understanding of Contrology.

Jodie Lynch

Inverloch Authentic Pilates Jodie found Pilates at 18 to support her dance training; at 32 postnatally, then again at 40 to regain strength and stability in a forgotten body. Diving in deep this 3rd time around, Jodie began her Classical training with Authentic Pilates Education Australia. Through years of teaching and consolidating The Method she saw the depth of Joseph Pilates work reveal itself as the bodies in front of her changed. “This man was brilliant and I want to know more”. Feeling totally aligned with a simple message from Jay Grimes, to move from centre and lengthen the spine in two directions, triggered Jodie to search for others who taught this, and found them at the heart of Proper Pilates.