internet lessons

If approved by staff it is possible to take Private Lessons with Wade Edwell or Trevor Buckingham over the internet. Our preferred application for this is Skype, but Facetime is also acceptable.

To schedule a lesson over the internet, first purchase and book your Private appointment through our Mindbody site. Links to this are available from our Pricing page. During the scheduling process you will be able to lodge a note to accompany the booking, which we can see from our end. In the note let us know that you would like to take the appointment over the internet. Also let us know your Skype username or your contact details for Facetime- whichever method you prefer us to reach you on.

If using Skype and you have not done so yet, login to Skype and search from Proper Pilates, then add us as a friend. This enables us to easily call you for the appointment.

Lessons over Skype are charged at the same rate as our in-studio Private appointments. Proper Pilates is not responsible for bad internet connections, drop outs, or video quality. If you’re unsure whether this method will work for you, contact us to try out a test call so we can be sure of good connection.