How we’ll work together


The PP Point of Difference

At Proper Pilates our method treats each client individually, meaning you aren’t following on in a class-like structure, letting us address your individual needs. Many clients come to Pilates looking for clinical support for conditions or rehabilitation, and thanks to the nature of our system, and the extensive training background of our team, we can work with every individual. We frequently work with athletes, pre and post natal mums, cyclists, football players, horse riders, Pilates-pros, persons with disabilities, cancer/recovery, degenerative diseases, and chronic issues such as lower back pain and associated pathology.

The wonderful thing about training in such an environment is that you never feel left behind, or that your concerns aren’t being met. Also, as you progress you consistently have your program amended and added to, meaning you develop a practice that is broad, challenging, and meets your fitness needs. Lastly, in times of physical change such as injury, pregnancy, or illness, we are able to shift your program to support you, enabling you to continue training in a way that benefits your healing and mindset.


Getting Started

At Proper Pilates you’ll begin by taking 6 half hour Private Lessons. During these sessions we’ll begin to form your personal training program based upon your level of condition, needs, and goals we discuss. At the end of this series we will determine if you need continued one-to-one training or can join into our group training sessions. Generally clients begin with a combination of both, gradually taking more group lessons as they build in strength and skill.

If you have read through our pricing information and are happy to get started, please fill in the form linked below and we’ll be in touch to setup your Introductory lessons.


Group Training

Our group training lessons- which we call Proper Pilates Classes- run across the morning, 7 days per week. There is never more than 6 clients working with a teacher at any time, meaning you are always supervised and supported, and we can address your individual needs in every session. We open in the mornings so you can train early to ensure the benefits of Pilates are with you all day long and so that evening rest and sleep rhythms aren’t disturbed due to stimulation from exercise. The studio holds 35 group sessions each week. Sessions run:

  • 6am - 1pm Mon to Fri

  • 7:30am - 10:30am Sat

  • 8:30am - 10:30am Sun


Private Training

We also offer training options for clients who want to work privately, have needs that require more personal attention, or are looking for occasional one-on-one lessons to work on a specific element of their practice.