giving back

As part of our commitment to paying back to our global community Proper Pilates organises an in house charity drive every quarter. Each event consists of a workshop aimed at deepening our clients knowledge of the Contrology system, and donations are collected from participants for entry.  Further to this, we are committed to continual monthly sponsorship of the World Animal Protection organisation.

As well as selecting organisations ourselves, we look for suggestions from clients for charitable causes, with a directive of reaching organisations that address welfare needs locally and internationally, and/or work with respect to animals, women's and LGBTIQA+ issues.  All organisations must be secular.

To register a charity nomination please contact our admin team directly.  

We will also take donations from anyone wishing to contribute.  If you would like to make a donation please contact the studio to pay via credit card over the phone.  Alternatively, go directly to the associated website of the charity listed below that you'd like to support, and follow their directions for making a donation.

Upcoming Events


‘Where we come from’

A history of Contrology and how it’s made its way to little ol’ Kyneton…

Funds raised for the Lighthouse Foundation, assisting in prevention of, and provision of support for, homelessness in Victoria

Saturday 10 August at 3pm

‘What the hell is 2-Way Stretch?!’

Digging into the movement concept that drives the best Contrology practice

Funds raised for Way Out Victoria, providing support services, and promoting rights for young LGBTIQ+ persons in rural Victoria

Sunday 24 November at 2:30pm

Past fundraising achievements:

May 2019 $600 for Parkinson’s Victoria, raising awareness and funds for research, to improve quality of life for over 27 thousand Victorian sufferers

February 2019 $500 for Switchboard Victoria, providing peer-driven support services for the (LGBTIQA+) community

April 2018  $420 for Loki's Lodge, a local animal sanctuary providing education services, as well as relief and re-homing for animals in need

November 2017  $250 for Birth For Humankind, promotion of better health outcomes for pregnant women in need

October 2017  $900 for Way Out Victoria, suicide prevention program for local GLBTIQ teens

September 2017  $300 for the International Rescue Committee, relief and support for people displaced by disaster and warfare