GUESt Master Trainer WorkshopS


An Immersion in Vintage Pilates Methodology

with Sandy Shimoda

30 Nov and 1, 2 Dec    2018

SOLD OUT!  Waitlist is being taken however, so let us know.  We are also planning an event with Sandy for 2019, please contact us with your interest.

We're very excited to announce that the incomparable Sandy Shimoda (owner of Vintage Pilates) is confirmed for her first ever workshop event in Australia.  This is an incredible opportunity for our Australian Pilates community and we hope you can be there to share in it. Sandy, as well as the Pilates culture and body of work she has nurtured at Vintage Pilates, is a leading global influencer of the classical system. Importantly she has been a student of Jay Grimes since 2004 and through Vintage Pilates has opened Jay's teachings up to the global Pilates community.

We so look forward to welcoming Sandy to Australia, and importantly, to seeing you there. 

Full attendance at the event makes you eligible for 15 PDP's with the PAA.

For more information on Sandy, see or view her teaching on

For a PDF booklet with information on the event click on the button below. 

If registering, ensure you take out travel insurance to cover the loss of any monies you prepay for accomodation, in the rare event Proper Pilates needs to cancel workshops due to unavoidable circumstances.

Proper Pilates Study Sessions

Wade Edwell of Proper Pilates, Roll Over

Over the remainder of 2018 Proper Pilates will run a series of module based Study Sessions that break down the Reformer and Mat sequences that are practiced at our studio.  These modules, which must be taken in order, provide participants with an easy way to hook into traditional Pilates exercise practice, by learning sequences in small portions which can then be practiced and perfected before attending to learn the next section of the work.  Each module is capped at 8 participants, runs for 3 hours, and are completely practical.  They are designed to inspire and improve a general practice of Classical Pilates, especially for teachers not well versed in the method, or who would benefit from both hands on assistance and a training plan to work to. 

As a prerequisite you must be a fully certified Pilates teacher (Classical or Contemporary) and in generally healthy condition so that you can attempt/complete the work in each module.  These modules are not geared to educate participants in how to teach the work to other students, but rather to improve your own self-practice and mastery.  These modules are not registered for PDP or CEC points. 


Please know that Proper Pilates believes in the special application of Pilates exercises to each individual, and this is how the system is delivered in our studio.  These modules are designed to help teachers begin to better understand the traditional exercises in their own body, which is the important first step to understanding how the original system can be best delivered to the individual in order to meet their needs.

Cost per module:  $110* 

*Must be paid in full at time of booking, NO refunds or transfers for cancellations available.  Credit can not be transferred for a separate module, however can be used for attendance at private lessons with Proper Pilates.

Duration of each session: 3 hours  (1.5 hours if between 1-4 people, 3 hours if between 5-8 people to allow for everyone to use equipment)

For further details and bookings please contact the studio directly.

2018 Calendar

As places in each workshop are limited to 8 people, a number of dates for each module on each apparatus are offered, which you can see below.  Pick and choose the dates that work for you, remembering that you must take each module in order, eg Reformer 1, then Reformer 2. 

If you would like to attend the full program for either Mat or Reformer however can't make one of the dates listed, you are able to cover that portion of material in a Private Lesson with Wade Edwell.  Contact the studio to make a booking.

The Reformer

The Proper Pilates Reformer modules break down, into four easy to study sections, the near full order of Reformer exercises that are ultimately practiced at our studio.  Our order reflects that which was given to Jay Grimes (Pilates Elder) by Joe Pilates.  For a list of exercises that will be studied and their breakdown per module please see this link

      Module One: Sat 30th June, 1pm;  or Sun 8th July, 9am

      Module Two:  Sun 5th August, 9am;  or Sat 11th August, 1pm

      Module Three:  Sat 15th September, 1pm;  or Sun 23rd September at 9am

      Module Four:  Sat 3rd November, 1pm; or Sun 18th November, 9am

      The Mat

      Our Mat order is broken into three separate modules, and reflects the order Jay Grimes remembers practicing with Joe Pilates.  The Proper Pilates Mat work utilises important features of the traditional High Mat apparatus, which includes the strap, handles and pole.  For a list of exercises that will be studied and their breakdown per module please see this link

      Module One:  Sun 8th July, 1pm; or Sat 14th July, 1pm

      Module Two:  Sun 5th August, 1pm;  or Sat 25th August, 1pm

      Module Three:  Sun 23rd September, 1pm; or Sat 29th September, 1pm