International guest master trainer

Dena Drotar

May 2019

Following on from our incredible Vintage Pilates Immersion event with Sandy Shimoda in December 2018, we are proud and excited to host Dena Drotar for another amazing three day event in May 2019, full details launched soon.

Dena was one of the four founding teachers of Vintage Pilates, along with Jay Grimes and Sandy Shimoda, and was Director of the Vintage Pilates Teachers’ programs, including the highly selective graduate program, The Work. Importantly during her time at Vintage Pilates she assisted Jay Grimes in many workshops and training groups, and is a true keeper of his legacy.

Over three days, and one more day for Private Lessons, Dena and our Director Wade Edwell will present a series of 6 Workshops and multiple training classes, offering participants a deeper step into the world of Contrology. This event will be limited in number as a key focus will be movement and teaching, so if you are interested please register with us for updates as soon as possible.

Teacher Study Sessions

Proper Pilates runs 2 hour long Teacher Study Sessions throughout the year on different and specific topics. Each session includes a 55 minute Open Haus class and a 55 minute mini-workshop delving into a specific concept within Contrology as practiced at Proper Pilates. Studio owners are also able to book Proper Pilates for delivery of Study Sessions at their own studio, contact PP for more information.

Please note before booking, if you’re new to PP you must first complete an assessment Private Lesson so we can establish your readiness to attend these events. See the For Pilates Teachers section of our Pricing page for details.

$70 each

To book into one of these sessions, visit the PP Mindbody site or search for PP Kyneton on your Mindbody App, search for the corresponding date and session in the classes calendar, then use your PP login and purchase. PP staff are often also available for Private Lessons before/after Study Sessions, please also use the Mindbody App or site to book a lesson, or if not available contact us directly for info.


Dates and Topics

From the Back to the Apparatus, Sun 10th February @9:30am: In From the Back to the Apparatus we will delve into the different way the arms are used off the back in Pilates exercises, and specifically how to best connect to Pilates apparatus through the upper body to maintain length and reach of the torso, thus better utilising center.

Booty and the Beast, Sat 9th March @2pm: In Booty and the Beast we will look at the use of the seat in key Reformer exercises/series.  You will gain a deeper understanding of how to reach through your seat, from center, to better connect into the equipment.

I can see your Halo, Sun 31st March @9:30am: In I can see your Halo we'll work specifically with the Neck Stretcher, using it to understand how we can better teach clients to keep the head connected to the back, in turn allowing them to better utilise their center without creating throat strain in flexion/round exercises.

PP On tour

Proper Pilates at Authentic Pilates Inverloch

Sun 13th Jan 2019

Wade Edwell of PP will teach a day of workshops, Open Haus classes and Private Lessons at the beautiful Authentic Pilates Inverloch studio on Sunday 13 January 2019. For details please contact Jodie Lynch, owner of API, directly on (03) 5674 1919 or at

Wade Edwell is available for studio/conference visits for delivery of Workshops, Study Sessions, Open Haus classes and Private Lessons- please contact the studio directly for more information regarding this.

Business Coaching

Proper Pilates Training Director, Wade Edwell, offers 1-1 or group based Pilates-business coaching, either in-studio, onsite, or via the internet. Sessions will be tailored to the individual or groups’ need. As a long term and broadly employed member of the fitness community Wade has a wealth of experience gleaned across 18 years in management, training, teaching and business ownership.

Sometimes it takes the eyes of a separate party to help you see where you’re at, what your attributes and values really are, and help you action a plan to take you towards a destination of your choosing rather that fates. Largely this is down to the fact that people working in the Pilates industry are prepared as teachers, but no managers, trainers or owners of studios. Furthermore, it can be difficult in the modern landscape to see through industry mist to a bright future that meets your values and needs at the same time.

If you find yourself searching, insecure, and uncertain, don’t be afraid to look outward for help. Contact us directly, or simply book a Private or Internet Private Lesson with Wade through our Mindbody site or App to get the ball of change rolling.