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Visiting instructors should be aware that every person who trains at the Proper Pilates studio is treated the same- as a client. This means that when you come to us we are going to work with you on what we see in your body, not just help you to perfect your classical Reformer or Mat. This directive reflects our position that the Pilates system is not just about specific pieces of apparatus, nor is it just about the ‘workout.’ Your training with us will help to uncover aspects of your practice that require attention to help you not only do ‘better’ Pilates, but feel better from it.

Teachers should also be aware that Proper Pilates does not believe in the continuation of Private Lessons where we see the client is not growing from the experience due to a lack of commitment to their own practice. In Joe Pilates’ studio it was par for the course that you would be told something and then expected to work on mastering this new information, and so to is it with our studio. As such, visiting teachers should expect to regularly attend Open Haus sessions at Proper Pilates, and utilise Private Lessons infrequently to more purposefully look into specific concepts or issues. This ensures over time that you establish and maintain an intrinsically motivated practice, which is at the core of true Contrology experience.

If learning the Pilates system in the entire manner to which it is expressed in our studio is of interest to you, then you should consider working towards entry into our Mentorship Program.


GUESt Master Trainer WorkshopS


An Immersion in Vintage Pilates Methodology

with Sandy Shimoda

30 Nov and 1, 2 Dec    2018

SOLD OUT!  Waitlist is being taken however, so let us know.  We are also planning an event with Sandy for 2019, please contact us with your interest.

We're very excited to announce that the incomparable Sandy Shimoda (owner of Vintage Pilates) is confirmed for her first ever workshop event in Australia.  This is an incredible opportunity for our Australian Pilates community and we hope you can be there to share in it. Sandy, as well as the Pilates culture and body of work she has nurtured at Vintage Pilates, is a leading global influencer of the classical system. Importantly she has been a student of Jay Grimes since 2004 and through Vintage Pilates has opened Jay's teachings up to the global Pilates community.

We so look forward to welcoming Sandy to Australia, and importantly, to seeing you there. 

Full attendance at the event makes you eligible for 15 PDP's with the PAA.

For more information on Sandy, see or view her teaching on

For a PDF booklet with information on the event click on the button below. 

If registering, ensure you take out travel insurance to cover the loss of any monies you prepay for accomodation, in the rare event Proper Pilates needs to cancel workshops due to unavoidable circumstances.

Education and workshops

From 2019 Proper Pilates is concentrating training efforts on our Mentorship Program. Please see here for more information. Special workshop events may be scheduled across the year, please check here regularly for details.

Wade Edwell is available for studio/conference visits for delivery of workshops and lessons- please contact the studio directly for more information regarding this.