In Summation...

2018 will go down as a year for me of exceptional vintage…

(I wrote that line before picking up on the double meaning!)

Like a year’s harvest that produces outstanding wine, one that shines above the rest, I can honestly say we’re closing out on our most rewarding year to date.

I’m so proud of many things we have accomplished as a studio this year. We’ve moved our location to a fantastic new site, and created a space which feels both like a strong center for practice, and also a home. More importantly we’ve solidified a system of delivery that I believe arcs back to the genesis of the work, and is offering our clients the most effective way of hooking into Joe’s Pilates.

A particularly proud moment for me was being told by my teacher Jay Grimes that he was proud of me and what we’re doing at PP. He thinks it’d be a studio Joe would be happy to see spreading his word. Hearing that made my year. Knowing that we’re getting it right is everything.

On a personal note I successfully completed the Work at Vintage Pilates, becoming the first and only graduate from Australasia. Being entrusted to carry this legacy forward is a weight I feel both humbled and excited by, and we are committed to doing so, especially now that the physical studio of Vintage Pilates is no longer.

I feel honoured that my teacher Sandy Shimoda has taken me under her wing now for so long, but especially this year, and that this year we got to welcome her to Australia and PP. It was honestly the most remarkable event and one I dearly believe Australia needed. I’m so thankful that so many people attended, and really ‘showed up’ and took on board what we had to say. More than this I hope we continue to guide you into this work in 2019, and see a strong return of our landscape back to Joe’s way of doing.

I had a conversation today which summed up the success of our studio this year. It was with a teacher who is training with us. She said to me this morning, “the thing I’ve really gotten from this year is that as a studio owner the most important thing I can do is be able to do what I’m teaching my clients.” Hearing this brought me so much joy, because more than anything it is the doing that is what makes it Pilates.

Without a doubt however the thing I am most thankful for is our clients. We are not huge, but we are making noise. Our clients prove daily to me that Joe was right, and they keep me inspired to be the best I can be. I am so grateful they put their trust in us, and they come in to work out so consistently and diligently. Often I look out at our room and all the wonderful people working out for themselves and I feel so profoundly happy. Seeing people take control for themselves is Pilates, and it is truly incredible to watch and share in. We are proving you don’t need advertising, seasonal classes and fun names to keep you training… you just need the work and a commitment to building and maintaining a practice. So thank you for showing up for yourselves this past year.

And of course there is my partner in life, business and crime. Trevor. 12 years now together and consistently getting better. We’re aging well buddy. I love you more than anything. You can stick around for 2019 too…

Much love to you all, and let’s cheers to an incredible 2019 together. See you all in the studio, over Skype and at workshops, or just down the road for a drink.