Business Coaching


Proper Pilates Training Director, Wade Edwell, offers 1-1 or group based Pilates-business coaching, either in-studio, onsite, or via the internet. Sessions will be tailored to the individual or groups’ need. As a long term and broadly employed member of the fitness community Wade has a wealth of experience gleaned across 18 years in management, training, teaching and business ownership.

Sometimes it takes the eyes of a separate party to help you see where you’re at, what your attributes and values really are, and help you action a plan to take you towards a destination of your choosing rather that fates. Largely this is down to the fact that people working in the Pilates industry are prepared as teachers, but no managers, trainers or owners of studios. Furthermore, it can be difficult in the modern landscape to see through industry mist to a bright future that meets your values and needs at the same time.

If you find yourself searching, insecure, and uncertain, don’t be afraid to look outward for help. Contact us directly, or simply book a Private or Internet Private Lesson with Wade through our Mindbody site or App to get the ball of change rolling.